Day’s Edge Productions is an award-winning nonfiction production company based in San Diego, CA. We specialize in telling impactful true stories about science, nature, conservation, and adventure.


How We Work

What We Do

We tell beautiful, true stories about science, nature, conservation, and adventure… by whatever means necessary. For every storytelling challenge, Day’s Edge has a solution. Whether it’s big or small; fast or slow; on land, sea, or air; we have the equipment and the expertise to capture it all with extraordinary production value. But Day’s Edge is more than spectacular visuals – our team of PhD-trained scientists and award-winning filmmakers also have decades of experience finding powerful stories and sharing them with millions of people around the world.

Important messages to broad audiences

Broadcast documentaries allow us to tell deep, nuanced science stories and share them with massive audiences around the world. To date, Day’s Edge has produced more than 10 hours of award-winning broadcast TV.

Educational Videos

You gotta start ‘em young! Day’s Edge has produced dozens of educational films, bringing cutting-edge science and dynamic characters into classrooms and reaching millions of students from K to 12 and beyond.

Web Shorts

Short, web-based films take many forms, and they can be a great way to engage a targeted audience, e.g. with cutting-edge science, emerging social and environmental issues, and captivating human stories.

Advocacy Films

We collaborate with NGOs and other partners to create films with a mission, from broad-based public awareness campaigns to micro-targeted impact media aimed at key stakeholders and decision makers.

How We Work

Our team of Ph.D.-trained scientists and award-winning filmmakers, photographers and storytellers is passionate about bringing cutting-edge science, inspiring stories and important messages to broad audiences. Day’s Edge has produced global media projects which have won dozens of awards and reached millions of people.people trying to understand and preserve the world we live in.


We work with clients large and small – from TV networks, international NGOs and major brands to research institutes and local nonprofits – to reach diverse audiences with stories our clients believe in. No matter the size of the job, our films are beautifully captured and meticulously crafted.

Pitches & Grants

When we have a big idea (and we’ve usually got several brewing!), we can find a way to make it happen. From pitching TV executives to writing grants, we build the partnerships needed to bring our projects to life. Got a big idea of your own? Let’s work together to get it off the ground!

Scientist Collaborations

We love working with scientists! You can write us into grants yourselves (e.g. NSF, NIH, Nat Geo, Templeton Fdn., etc.), or we can help you write Day’s Edge into your Broader Impacts plan! These projects often start small, but can grow into long-running and productive partnerships.

Passion Projects

Sometimes we just find a story that needs telling, and we can’t wait for a sponsor to get on board! For the right project – usually one that has a personal connection to our team – we’ll make it work. And when we do our job well, the investment usually pays off.

Professional Development Workshops

From the beginning, Day’s Edge has been more than a production company. Nate and Neil have also shared their experience, knowledge, and science communication vision with fellow scientists and storytellers through immersive, hands-on workshops. Since 2019, their flagship workshop (Jackson Wild Media Lab) has been a signature program of Jackson Wild and Tangled Bank Studios, attracting hundreds of talented applicants each year. Dozens of talented Media Lab alumni have gone on to successful careers in media production, science communication, academia, policy, and the nonprofit sector. We’ve also led workshops with more than a dozen universities and other organizations, so let us know if we can develop a custom professional training program for you.

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