Day’s Edge Productions is an award-winning nonfiction production company based in San Diego, CA. We specialize in telling impactful true stories about science, nature, conservation, and adventure.

We tell true stories of science, nature, conservation, and adventure.

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July 5 – August 9

Earth is home to more than 10 million species. Yet the actions of one species – humans – affect every other. The planet has never experienced anything like us: a single species that dominates and reshapes the world. In Human Footprint, biologist Shane Campbell-Staton travels the world to explore our global impact. In his quest, Shane discovers that although we often tell ourselves what it means to be human, the clearest vision of who we are emerges from what we do. In that way, Human Footprint isn’t just a journey to understand our impacts, but to explore our human nature.

Featured Films

Smithsonian Channel

Miami Wild (2022)

Narrated by Gloria Estefan, Miami Wild is a strange-but-true tale of the native and invasive creatures that make Miami the wildest city on Earth.


Through motion graphics we’ll create animations and interactive elements that bring your mission’s words to life.

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Serengeti: Nature’s living Laboratory (2019)

Discover how ecologist Tony Sinclair and others spent five decades unraveling the mysteries of Africa’s great wilderness: the Serengeti.

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The Passage (2018)

The Passage weaves family lore and 21st-century adventure into a true story about growing up, growing old, and the wild places that define us.

What is
Day’s Edge?

– Day’s Edge • ˈdāz ˈej [noun]:

1. The time of day when light meets darkness or vice versa. “At the day’s edge, the forest came to life”.
2. A San Diego-based production company that specializes in documentaries about science, nature, history and culture. “Films by Day’s Edge will blow your freaking mind!”

Two biologists, Neil Losin and Nate Dappen, met in Costa Rica as graduate students in 2008. Four years later, they finished their PhDs in Biology and launched Day’s Edge Productions. Their vision was to create beautiful documentaries that brought cutting-edge science, awe-inspiring wild places, amazing natural history, and remarkable human stories to audiences around the world. Today, more than a decade later, Neil and Nate are leading a growing Day’s Edge team that’s doing exactly that.

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