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Forgotten But Not Gone: The Lesser Prairie-Chicken (2018)

In the grasslands of New Mexico, get a glimpse into the elaborate, bizarre mating rituals of the imperiled Lesser-Prairie Chicken.

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The Anomalies: The Dewlap (2016)

By studying lizards that see colors humans can’t, biologist Manuel Leal reveals how the environment shapes animal communication signals.

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The Anomalies: The Acorn Woodpecker (2017)

Biologist Walter Koenig has studied acorn woodpeckers for more than 40 years to understand their uniquely complex social structure.

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The Anomalies: Venom Race (2018)

The bark scorpion’s age-old battle with a tiny but fearless predator – the grasshopper mouse – has sparked an “arms race” of venom evolution.

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Think Like A Scientist Gorongosa (2015):

In Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park, ecologists are helping a rich ecosystem rebound after a brutal civil war spanning decades.

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Inside Alzheimer’s Disease (2015)

Journalist Greg O’Brien reveals his struggle living with Alzheimer’s Disease, while scientist Rudy Tanzi explores new avenues for treatment.

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Boundaries (2016)

On the US-Mexico border, photographer Krista Schlyer and biologist Jon Beckmann explore how human-made boundaries affect other creatures.

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Vulcan and the Power of Ideas (2016)

Historian Tom Levenson and physicist Melissa Franklin reveal the puzzling history of Vulcan – a planet that never really existed.

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Natural Selection in an Outbreak (2016)

Researchers Pardis Sabeti and Lina Moses bring us to the frontlines of the Ebola epidemic to investigate how diseases evolve and spread.

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The Lizard’s Tale Episode 1: Meet the Anoles (2018)

Over the last 50 years, unassuming lizards called anoles have inspired thousands of research studies. But what makes an anole an anole?

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The Lizard’s Tale Episode 2: Does Evolution Repeat Itself? (2018)

Why do the anoles of Puerto Rico have virtually identical lizard doppelgangers on Hispaniola? Their DNA points to a surprising answer!

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The Lizard’s Tale Episode 3: Anoles in Deep Time (2018)

Scientists are reconstructing the 60-million-year history of anoles to understand how they evolved, spread, and diversified into hundreds of species.

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